The Trick To Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Roanoke Home


Gross. Annoying. Dangerous. Freaky. Filthy. Durable. Fast. Resistant. Invasive. When you hear these words, do cockroaches come to mind? They should. Although small, roaches are some of the most problematic insects on the planet. Known for their adept invasion skills and the trouble they cause, these dirty insects are the last creepy crawlies you want skittering around your property. Lucky for you, we have a trick to keeping cockroaches out of your Roanoke home. Here is everything you need to know.

a cockroach outside a home

Common Cockroaches Around Roanoke

German and American cockroaches are the two most common roach species here in Roanoke. These pests share many things in common, such as their ability to scale walls and climb across ceilings, or their similar oval shape, flat bodies, and long antennae. The biggest difference between these pests is that American cockroaches are much bigger, and German cockroaches are far more common.

Cockroaches are not just invasive; they are also dangerous. These pests pick up a range of disease-causing organisms through their dirty behavior and habits. A few common diseases these pests transmit include salmonellosis, typhoid fever, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches also cause asthma attacks and breathing problems with their fecal matter and skin.

How Cockroaches Invade Homes?

Invading homes is easy for cockroaches. What makes it easy? Well, for one, cockroaches can compress their bodies to fit through the smallest of cracks and crevices. They are also able to skitter up walls and onto ceilings without breaking pace. This allows them to scour the exterior of a home to find weaknesses, gaps, spaces, or openings that will allow them an opportunity to invade. On rare occasions, roaches will use utility piping to invade from one home to another. Trust us when we tell you, a cockroach crawling up out of your toilet is a terrifying sight.

Why Prevention Is Key For Roaches

The only way to ensure your safety from the dangers roaches pose is with prevention. If you are up for the task, here are a few ways to reduce your property's chances of a roach invasion.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal exterior cracks, crevices, and holes around your home.
  • Reduce clutter and eliminate debris from around your lawn.
  • Make sure your window/door screens are rip and tear-free.
  • Repair damage to door sweeps and make sure weather stripping is installed properly.
  • Address moisture issues by repairing broken gutters, fixing leaky pipe/fixtures, and using a dehumidifier indoors.
  • Wash beneath kitchen appliances and furniture.
  • Vacuum, sweep or mop your floors at least once every few days or as they get dirty.
  • Avoid leaving food out but instead, store leftovers inside airtight containers after every meal.
  • Pick up and clean out pet water and food bowls before going to bed at night.

The more vigilant you are to keep up with these tips, the less likely you will be to find roaches crawling around in your Roanoke home.

A Better Way To Prevent Cockroaches

We won’t sugar coat things; preventing cockroaches alone is a difficult task. If you miss any entry points or apply treatments improperly, you could put your health, sanity, and wallet at risk. The only way to make sure cockroaches stay outside where they belong is to hire a professional. At Start City Pest Control, we value excellence. For this reason, we only use advanced pest eliminating and exclusion methods and industry-leading products when treating for annoying and dangerous roaches.
Call us today or reach out to one of our friendly service representatives through our website to learn more about our pest control methodology or to schedule a visit for your Roanoke home.

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