Mosquitoes Will Be Returning To Roanoke Soon; Are You Ready?

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mosquito biting on human skin

We know them, we dread them, we try to avoid them. Mosquitoes, one of nature’s notorious nuisance insects that like to suck our blood and leave us with itchy, red welts. Before we get all worked up, let’s be sure it’s a mosquito you’re dealing with.

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

Mosquitoes are usually about 1/2-inch-long, with thin bodies, two wings, and three pairs of long legs. They are grayish-silver in color with bluish-green scales and veins. They have antennae as well as an elongated “mouth” sticking out from their heads. It’s typically three to four times longer than the mosquito’s head and it’s called a proboscis. They use it to pierce the skin of their hosts and draw blood out of their bodies.

What Attracts Mosquitoes To My Roanoke Property?

Mosquitoes prefer cool, damp areas, so the vegetation on your property is the perfect location. They hang out around shrubs and bushes, feeding on plant nectar (when they’re not feeding on blood, of course.) They like tall grass and garden plants, making your yard very enticing to them.
One of the most important things to remember regarding mosquito control is reducing sources of standing water. Say there’s an overturned tire in your yard, or an old bowl of pet water, or plant pots that have gathered water after rainfall; these are all places where water collects. Most of a mosquito's lifecycle occurs in water, which is why they find water sources and lay their eggs in them.
Mosquitoes use water as a breeding site; they can’t reproduce without it. They reproduce very quickly, so once they lay their eggs, it won’t be long before you have an infestation on your hands. This is why it’s crucial to eliminate all sources of standing water. Be mindful of water collection in sandboxes, wagons, toys, downspouts, and gutters.
In addition to water, mosquitoes are attracted to the skin of their potential food source. Humans, for instance, produce carbon dioxide through their body heat and exhalation. This is a way for mosquitoes to track down a meal. Human skin produces chemicals that draw mosquitoes in. Some people produce more of this chemical than others, making some of us more vulnerable to mosquito bites. Lactic acid, for example, is a huge mosquito attractant. Also, people with the O blood type are said to be more attractive to mosquitoes than those with type A or type B.
A lot of homeowners try to combat mosquitoes on their own. They use DIY prevention methods that may be well-intentioned but are hardly ever effective. Review some of the more ineffective prevention methods below, so you don’t waste your time on them. It’s better to consider the more effective tactics next time you want to keep the mosquitoes away.

Ineffective mosquito control techniques include:

  • DIY barrier treatments that don’t target the source
  • Chemical sprays that impact the wildlife and environment
  • Insecticides that can be harmful to your health
  • Wristbands treated with repellent
  • Mosquito deterrent tiki torches
  • Mosquito patches that saturate your skin with a vitamin repellent

Effective mosquito control techniques include:

  • Mosquito repellent on your skin when outdoors
  • Long clothing covering the legs and arms
  • Properly installed door and window screens
  • Cedar mulch to deter them from your vegetation
  • Specific plants that repel mosquitoes
  • Well-trimmed vegetation and a mowed lawn
  • Minimal yard debris around the property

If you think you may have a mosquito problem on your hands, the best thing you can do is seek professional assistance. Star City Pest Control is the go-to source for effective mosquito control services in Roanoke and the surrounding areas. 
Our team of pest experts knows how to correctly identify the problem and then come up with a targeted treatment specific to your property and your situation. Call us today to discuss your mosquito control needs, we’re here to help.

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