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Insects and creatures cannot be underestimated, no matter how small or seemingly innocent they appear. They can destroy your Roanoke home or business or your personal effects. A good number of species can transmit diseases or cause illnesses with the germs they harbor. Injuries can also occur with their bites, scratches, and stings. Crickets are a great example of a pest that isn’t as harmless as people think.

In movies and television shows, crickets have represented moral integrity and luck. Various communities around the world consume them as a delicacy to be dipped in chocolate. However, the bugs can be ruinous and hard to eliminate. They can get indoors with ease, and they reproduce very fast. Reaching their hiding places is a challenge too. Find out how you can dodge crickets and what Star City Pest Control can do to help. 

How Do Crickets Behave? What Are the Risks?

Living up to their name, house crickets are common in human dwellings. Adults are 0.75 to 0.87 of an inch long and yellow-brown in color. Three stripes are in the rear of their heads, which are topped with two antennas. Among their features are wings and hind legs substantial in size. As you might imagine, their young are smaller and have no wings. 

Crickets will seek shelter in domiciles and establishments if they don’t have much food or encounter harsh weather. Cracks and crevices in foundations, windows, and doors are how they get indoors. These critters gravitate to moisture and warmth, so you can expect to see them by sinks, fireplaces, heaters, and similar. Keep your eyes peeled in the basement, kitchen, and bathroom. Crickets are a sign of an overall pest problem because they eat others. In addition, they feast on vegetables, fruit, pet meals, and:  

  • Upholstery
  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Linens
  • Curtains

The fecal matter of crickets will contaminate the surfaces, materials, and food they come in contact with. They can taint things because they are covered in microbes. Bacterial cells are in their saliva, urine, and droppings as well. While these bugs aren’t associated with health fatalities, there’s a connection between them and a slew of medical conditions. Punctures from bites are atypical, but painful sores aren’t. Many people facing cricket infestations report sleeping troubles because the males chirp all night. Noises are necessary during mating cycles to communicate with females. 

What Are Ways to Prevent Crickets?

Yards are usually rife with crickets because they are outdoor pests. They gather around mulch, go beneath rocks and logs, and munch on organic materials. Here’s what you’ll have to do to discourage them:

  • Seal gaps in windows, doors, and foundations.
  • Have leaks and moisture defects fixed as soon as possible.  
  • Regulate warmth and dampness by using a dehumidifier.
  • Put covers on all outside vents.
  • Use secure canisters for food and garbage storage. Don’t forget about pet food.
  • Mow the grass and trim the greenery regularly. Discard lawn debris.
  • Distance woodpiles, flowers, and plants from the property by two feet.
  • Inspect outdoor furniture, packages, and storage boxes before pulling them indoors.
  • Install LED bulbs for outside lighting. They generate less heat, and crickets can’t see warm colors, such as yellow and orange, too well.
  • Contact Star City Pest Control if you have pests that crickets target.

How Will Star City Pest Control Handle Crickets?

Retail insecticides have many shortcomings. For one, they aren’t supposed to be used over time. For two, they generally only kill individual bugs. Last but not least, they can be hazardous. If you want your infestation woes to end, lean on us at Star City Pest Control. Our expert home pest control technicians will utilize safe sprays, injections, dusts, baits, granules, perimeter barriers, and more. Call today for a free inspection!  

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