How Do I Get Rid Of Snakes On My Roanoke Property?

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garter snake in grass

Seeing a snake is one of the most unpleasant sights to encounter on your Roanoke property, and this pest may even bring some dangers with it, depending on its species. Follow our prevention and control tips below for ridding your Roanoke property of snakes.

Snakes Common To Roanoke

Snakes belong to the class of Reptilia and are well-known for their long muscular bodies and variation of color patterns. One of the biggest problems with snakes invading your property is that many individuals are afraid of snakes and don't like the thought of them slithering around the yard. 

And while most snakes will bite if threatened, not all snakes in the Roanoke area are medically dangerous and don't possess the venom needed to injure you. That said, if you do receive a snake bite, especially from a potentially harmful snake, you should seek medical attention immediately. 

Below, we discuss the snakes that you may commonly encounter around your yard and advise you whether or not each snake is medically dangerous. It is important to note that out of 30 snake species in Virginia, only three are pit vipers and medically harmful.

  • Water Snake: This snake comes in varying shades of tan, grey, and brown, with the adult sporting dark banding and prefers living near pools or bodies of water. 
  • Garter Snake: This snake is small to medium size and can have a variety of patterns. It typically has three light stripes: white, yellow, blue, or green that cover a black, brown, grey, or olive body.
  • Racer: A slender snake, this reptile is blueish black with a white or grey underbelly.
  • Rat Snake: Medium to large in size, this snake looks scary but poses no threat to humans. It can be single-colored or striped and may be black, red, brown, yellow, or grey.
  • Timber Rattlesnake: A medically dangerous snake, this reptile is colored tan, yellow, brown, or grey with dark markings that move to its tail rattle.
  • Cottonmouth: Also called a water moccasin, this snake is dark grey, brown, or blackish in color with subtle darker banding. It is medically dangerous.
  • Northern Copperhead: This snake has a reddish-brown, coppery body and darker brown banding on its body. It is also medically dangerous.

Effective Snake Prevention

The following snake prevention tips can help you keep these slippery pests out of your yard and far away from your home.

  • Keep your yard clear of debris, especially woodpiles and fallen branches, and ensure the grass stays trimmed low. Also, keep all hedges trimmed and maintained, as this reduces outdoor snake hiding spots.
  • Fix moisture issues around your yard, as many snakes are attracted to easy water access. Ensure there are no large pools of water for snakes to live near.
  • Address rodent infestations around your home. Rodents often serve as snake prey, and an invasion of rodents can easily bring a snake problem with it.
  • Cover holes or any openings around the foundation of your home with mesh or other screening to prevent snakes from slipping inside.

Professional Snake Removal

Instead of trying to handle snakes yourself, consider professional assistance. The best way to remove snakes and keep these pests far away is by trusting the professionals at Star City Pest Control & Wildlife Services. We will help you protect your business or home property and remove any snake infestation you may have. 

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