Are Bats Wreaking Havoc Around Your Roanoke Property?

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Bats are mysterious, erratically flying night creatures that strike fear in the hearts of many people. Because of their elusive, nocturnal nature, there is a mysticism about bats — which explains why we have the superhero, Batman, and vampires. 

Although bats are a needed part of the ecosystem, most homeowners do not want them erratically flying around the property at night. If you need bats removed from your property, secure the Roanoke pest control team at Star City Pest Control & Wildlife. We will solve the bat problem on your property.

What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Bats are attracted to your property looking for dark and quiet places to rest during the day; they also like to use those locations to build nests to raise their young. The type of bat common in Roanoke is the tree bat. These bats are attracted to the following in your house:

  • Chimneys
  • Roof eaves
  • Attics
  • Wall voids

They are attracted to these locations because they provide the animals with consistent temperatures and protection from the elements. They also shield the bats from raccoons, birds, fish and bullfrogs, and other bat predators.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Bats

According to the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, of the 1,000 bat species worldwide, 17 species are in Virginia. There are two types of bats: Megachiroptera and Microchiroptera. Megachiroptera consumes fruit, whereas Microchiroptera bats eat insects. The bats in the Roanoke area are in the insect-eating Microchiroptera group. Bats in this group may eat up to 3,000 bugs in one night! 

Therefore, the easiest way for bat control in Roanoke is to keep the insect population on your property low and controlled. You can achieve this objective by keeping the property free of debris and standing water, the grass cut and shrubbery trimmed, and ensuring outdoor garbage cans remain sealed. 

Five Tips To Keeping Bats Off Your Property

The Microchiroptera bat group divides into two groups based on where the bats hibernate: trees or caves. Unless you have caves on your property, you likely have tree bats. Tree bats are attracted to high, sheltered, and dark locations. The following are ways of bat control to keep these insect-eating bats off your property:

  1. Remove Dead Trees: Tree bats like to hibernate in the hollows of dead trees.
  2. Eliminate Wood And Rock Piles: Bats will sometimes take refuge in these areas because they provide shelter.
  3. Cap Chimneys: Bats like the darkness, warmth, and protection a chimney provides.
  4. Seal Attic Openings: Bats will nest in attics. Keep all exterior entrances to the attic sealed.
  5. Trim Trees: Trees with dense foliage provide the perfect environment for female tree bats to raise their young.

Tree bats can squeeze into any hole about the size of your pinky. To control bats in the house, seal holes and gaps under the eaves, the foundation, and the soffits. Close gaps where pipes and wires enter the home. Keep your exterior garage and basement doors closed when unoccupied. Seal the roof vents, windows, and doors with wire mesh or screens. By eliminating locations for nesting, you will discourage bats from living on your property. 

Another way to get rid of bats is by reducing the insect population on your property. In addition to the recommendations for reducing the insect population around your house cited above, use bug lights for exterior lighting. These lights will not attract bugs during the night when bats are the most active. 

Efficient Bat Removal In Roanoke

Bats are carriers of rabies, and bat pest control should be done only by Star City Pest Control & Wildlife. We have the tools and techniques to remove bats, and other pests, from your property. Contact us, and we will solve your bat problem.

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