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A proper crawlspace encapsulation system is one of the most efficient and effective ways to control the levels of moisture and humidity inside a crawlspace. Star City Crawl Space specializes in the installation of crawlspace encapsulation systems that are tested and proven. We use quality materials that far exceed the industry standard to ensure that each system works properly and stands the test of time. Each masonry pier, foundation wall, opening and penetration is properly wrapped and sealed. The entire space is covered and sealed using a 15-mil (or higher) vapor barrier. Our crawlspace encapsulation system will: 

  • Remove Unwanted Moisture from Your Home 
  • Prevent structural issues 
  • Increase Energy Efficiency – can reduce energy bills up to 20% 
  • Added Storage Space 
  • Prolong Life of Heating & Cooling Equipment 
  • Increase Value of Your Home 
  • Promote Cleaner Air 


Our closed crawl space installation process includes: 

  • Sealing existing vents
  • Covering the entire crawl space floor with a premium, string-reinforced vapor barrier 
  • Extending vapor barrier up walls & wrapping piers 
  • Sealing all seams 
  • Installing a dehumidifier to regulate humidity 
  • Air sealing foundation and floor penetrations 

Install Airtight Doors & Vent Covers: Sealing your crawl space doors and vents stops the cycle of cold, humidity, and moisture entering from the outside air. However, water can still enter your crawlspace in many ways. 

Remove Any Standing Water Sources: The next step is to eliminate any sources of flooding in your crawl space by installing a crawl space drain and sump pump system. This eliminates flooding water from your crawl space, but moisture can still enter directly through the concrete and floor in the form of water vapor.

Encapsulate & Insulate the Crawl Space: To stop moisture from passing through your floors and porous concrete walls, a crawl space vapor barrier should be installed. A durable liner will allow for servicemen to use the space without damage while transforming your crawl space into usable storage space. This is also the best time to install crawl space insulation on your walls or floors. Installing crawl space drainage matting underneath the crawl space liner will help direct water to the drainage system and sump pump. 

Install A Dehumidifier: Installing an energy-efficient, self-draining crawl space dehumidifier will keep your space dry. Our crawl space dehumidifier system includes a filter that removes particles from the air as small as 2 microns. This ensures that your crawl space is protected from mold, dust mites, and mildew damage -- permanently! 




Depending on the type of insulation you have installed, you will be able to enjoy different benefits from an insulated crawl space. Crawl space insulation eliminates the cold drafty feeling coming through the floors and makes the floors feel much more comfortable to the touch. 

If you choose to insulate the walls with Rigid Foam Board Insulation, via crawl space encapsulation, you get to enjoy several other benefits including: 

  • Prevent Further Moisture Damage 
  • Control Mold & Fungal Growth 
  • Save Energy (15-20% Savings) 
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality 
  • Dry out Floor Framing 
  • Helps with Insects 
  • Peace of Mind 


Both ventilated and unventilated crawl spaces allow moisture, dust, and dirt from entering the space making them a hospitable breeding ground for pests, rodents, mold, and mildew. When this happens, the quality of air inside the house degrades and can give rise to a plethora of health problems. Insulation limits moisture, pollutants, and other allergens from entering the home and thus improves the quality of air inside the house.

The best insulation for air quality is rigid foam board because it does not hold contaminants like fiberglass floor insulation and does not experience “Off-Gassing” like spray foam insulation, which can leave lingering smells for years. 


When moisture, dust, and dirt enter your house through the crawlspace, the HVAC system of your house must work harder to compensate for the change in temperature and air quality. Crawl space insulation prevents this from happening and makes your HVAC units more efficient. This, in turn, will help you in making significant savings on your energy bill. 


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