How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My Home?


Ants are the number one concern among the majority of Americans according to research from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), and rightfully so. With the average colony containing thousands of individual ants, the NPMA advises homeowners to stay on top of ant issues before they get too severe.

“Ranked the number one nuisance pest in America, ant infestations are one issue homeowners can all commiserate about, but ants in the home shouldn’t be ignored,” said Cindy Mannes, vice president of public affairs for the NPMA. “Ants reproduce rapidly, and because different species require different treatments, an expert is your best chance for proper species identification and prompt control.”

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Ant Prevention Tips 

  • Sanitation. Most pest control programs will fail if this step is overlooked. You must eliminate what attracts ants - food and water. 

  • Food. Ants love to feed on sweets and fruit in addition to grease, oil, meats and corn meal. Sticky jars are exceptionally attractive to these invaders. Wipe down counters and sweep regularly to clean up spills and crumbs. Ants come out to feed at night, so cleaning the kitchen each night will leave nothing for foraging ants to eat. 

  • Water. Moisture makes bathrooms highly susceptible to infestations. Carpenter ants, a wood-destroying species, are known to build nests in damp areas like behind bathroom tiles or under sinks. Repair leaky pipes, and check under sinks for areas of moisture buildup. Pet water dishes should emptied and dried at night and refilled in the morning. 

  • Once the sanitation issue is addressed, you should then focus on finding and sealing the areas where ants are entering your home. 

  • Eliminate entry points. Seal cracks and crevices around window frames and door frames, around baseboards and other places where you have noticed ants entering the structure with caulk or other suitable material.

If these tips don't take care of your issue, help is just a phone call away!

Our home pest control services and knowledge of exactly what type of ant is infesting your home is the most effective method. That’s why calling Star City Pest Control is the best solution for killing ants in Roanoke, Salem, and surrounding areas.  Not only will our team get rid of ants, we'll keep them from coming back.

We have trained professionals to inspect your home for ant problems and recommend the most powerful solutions that last.  For additional information, or to schedule a free pest inspection with a Roanoke pest control expert, contact us today!

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