Rodent Rundown: What Roanoke Residents Should Know

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A rodent invasion on your property is nothing short of disturbing; their presence can immediately evoke feelings of frustration and fear—all the more reason to enlist the services of Star City Pest and Wildlife. We provide the most reliable rodent control in Roanoke to remove these undesirable creatures quickly for safe and comfortable surroundings.

Read on to learn more about rodents and why you should partner with pest experts to make them a distant memory.

Common Rodents Found In Roanoke

It may not seem that important, but the ability to recognize different kinds of rodents can aid in effective eradication and control measures. In Roanoke, the roof rat, Norway rat, house mouse, and field mouse all call this area home.

Commonly referred to as a black rat, the roof rat has dark brown or black fur, large ears, and a long tail. Their climbing ability allows them to easily access elevated areas, like roofs, attics, and trees. On the other hand, the Norway rat has a larger, more robust build than a roof rat and prefers to inhabit crawl spaces and basements.

House mice and field mice are both small and have brown or gray coats, except the former prefers to invade homes, while the latter is often found outdoors. However, field mice will find a way to enter buildings once the colder seasons arrive.

No matter the species, get in touch with your local pest management company for help to get rid of rodents.

The Problems Rodent Activity Can Lead To 

A rodent infestation can make life miserable by creating a host of problems that can annoy, inconvenience, and compromise health and safety.

For starters, these critters can cause considerable health risks due to their ability to carry and transmit numerous illnesses, such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever. Their urine, saliva, and feces can contaminate surfaces, food, and even the air you breathe.

Additionally, rodents can damage the structural elements of your work or living spaces by chewing through insulation, electrical wiring, and wood. This behavior can compromise the integrity of a building as well as pose a fire hazard. These creatures can also destroy other items, like furniture, clothing, and cables.

We would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the psychological impacts a rodent invasion can cause. Their presence can erode your quality of life, causing increased stress and heightened anxiety.

For all of these reasons, it's critical to address a rodent problem as soon as you discover it by contacting our team at Star City Pest and Wildlife right away.

Five Strategies To Rodent-Proof Your Roanoke Home This Winter 

Since rodents don't hibernate during the winter, fortifying your home is crucial to prevent them from making it their refuge from the cold. Check out these five effective strategies to keep these creatures out:

  • Inspect vents and screens: Thoroughly examine them for gaps or openings and seal them with durable materials.
  • Secure windows and doors: install door sweeps to eliminate any gapping at the bottom. Repair or replace damaged weather stripping around windows.
  • Keep your yard tidy: Prune vegetation and branches away from your main structure and remove any yard debris.
  • Store food properly: Place all uneaten food into airtight storage containers to minimize enticing odors.
  • Clean and declutter: Wipe up spills and crumbs promptly, sweep and vacuum floors, and remove unnecessary clutter, especially in storage areas.

By following these beneficial tips, you'll enjoy the winter season without the threat of these intrusive critters. However, if you still require assistance, contact a reputable pest service specializing in eliminating and controlling different types of rodents.

Why You Should Call The Experts If You Think You're Seeing Rodents 

With all the dangers rodents can pose, you shouldn't give partnering with professionals a second thought; make it your first thought. At Star City Pest and Wildlife, we have over three decades of experience providing exceptional rodent control services in Roanoke to restore safe and peaceful surroundings for our residents.

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