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How Dangerous Are The Wasps In Roanoke?


Wasps are little insects that are the bane of most of our summers and are uninvited guests of any outdoor soiree. Not only are they loud and annoying, but they are also the proud owner of a stinger that sends many of us heading for the hills. Wasps are traditionally a family of slim-waisted, winged insects that can (and will) sting. Within the wasp family are hornets and yellowjackets, two insects with stingers that you do not want to welcome ... Read More

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The Trick To Effective Pavement Ant Control In Roanoke


There are many species of ants that call Roanoke home. Some destroy wood, others spread dangerous diseases. Common home-invading ants that regularly get into homes and cause trouble are pavement ants. If you don’t know much about these pests but you do know that you don’t want them causing trouble inside or around your Roanoke home, we have one amazing tip to keep them away.... Read More

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Three Easy Mosquito Prevention Tips For Roanoke Properties


With the warm weather and sunshine finally returning, it means more time spent outside playing. Unfortunately, it also means that more pests become active. During this time, mosquitoes are especially active, which is why it's important to be as prepared as possible.... Read More

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